Pampered Pet Grooming on North Main Street in Rockford is not only full of fantastic animal groomers but they are also home to two do-it-yourself dog bathing stations and a resale show. This is where their charitable contributions come into the picture. They are always looking for gently-sed items like animal beds, coats, sweaters, leashes, or anything your fellow pet owner may need for their pet. Why? They make regular food and monetary donations to Kibble Korner, which helps families in need to keep their pets fed at no cost. This is why they expressed frustration after someone allegedly left without paying for the services rendered. How can happen, you might ask? It appears as though the pet owner duped them into believing he left his money in the car, walked out to go get it, and bolted. e good news, I guess you could say, is he took his pet with him.

Thank you to the young man with cobweb tattoos on his arms with a dog named Shari that brought her in for a nail trim, went out to get his cash and never came back to pay. Very classy. Yes we are there to do things for free, that's how we make our living.

One of the comments is playing the role of devil's advocate and the

Is there a possibility that he couldn't afford it? Which doesn't make it right but a lot of people are struggling. Maybe there is somewhere that people who need services such as these could be directed. What he did was wrong, yes.

Back to the great thing about Pampered Pet Grooming they're a great group and nice facility and are always looking for donations to help out your neighbors in the Rockford area. You can learn more about their services here.

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