I may be alone in this feeling, but I truly think all students in Rockford will be doing full-time remote learning at some point this school year, and it will probably happen sooner rather than later. If and when that happens, it will create a whole mess of schedule changes and some very hard decisions for working parents.

Many parents don't have the option to work from home.

Many parents can't afford to leave their job in order to help their children with remote learning.

Finding a day care willing to supervise your child's remote learning...during a pandemic none the less...can't be an easy thing to do either. So, now what?

Well, it looks like the Rockford Park District is considering coming to the rescue!

Perhaps I'm reading a little too far in to this, but when I first took a look at this survey that the Rockford Park District is asking residents to fill out, the second question reads, "Would you register for a school year 'camp' that allows your child to do their school's e-learning (supervised by camp staff) and participate in recreational activities?"  and I immediately thought hope may be in sight for the families that really need it.

The survey also asks what other sports and programs families would be interested in this Fall and Winter, with both virtual and in-person options to choose from, so if you really need to find a safe way to keep your kids engaged and active in the months ahead, make sure you feel out the survey today!

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