We've all got too many things to worry about during this pandemic; should I send my kids back to the classroom? Will our country get shutdown again? Will I lose my job? How will I pay the bills?

It's a LOT of heady stuff, but one animal rescue organization in Winnebago County wants to help relieve one of your pandemic worries; how can I afford vet care for my pets?

CARE for PETS is a nonprofit organization with the mission to "provide community outreach to pets of Winn Co with the intent of lowering the # entering and living at Animal Services".

Through a partnership with SPAY ILLINOIS, CARE for PETS is offering a low-cost vaccine clinic for dogs and cats next week, and it's open to any Winnebago County resident, and their pets, of course...

If you're in need of this service, make sure to call the number listed above ASAP to secure your spot. Low-cost veterinary care events fill up fast, especially when so many people are struggling to make ends meet these days.

If you don't need these services, but would like to help amazing pets and the families that love them in Winnebago County, please consider making a donation to CARE for PETS today. Every day their volunteers work incredibly hard to save abandoned and sick pets, or to reunite missing pets with their deserving owners. Every penny truly makes a difference, and can literally save a life today....

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