Rockford gets a pretty bad rap most of the time so it's exciting to see when we really do well compared to other U.S. cities. This time we made the top twenty on this list according to Recently, a new study was done by ranking the best cities in the U.S. to retire in and Rockford did really good. So after all was said and done, Rockford ended up being ranked as the 18th best city in the country to retire in.

One of the reasons we did so well was access to affordable housing and our close proximity to Chicago. Another factor in the study was the parks, golf courses and outdoor areas. Population was also a key factor, 16 percent of Rockford's population is 65 an older. We also have 40 different senior living facilities in our area. When it comes to who made the top of the list its really no surprise. Coral Springs Florida took home the coveted retirement city crown.  for the complete list just click here. So after all these years retiring in Florida is still a thing.

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