There is a well-known phrase I'm sure you have heard repeatedly in your lifetime, what can go wrong will go wrong. This especially true when it comes to technology.

There is a computer in one of our studios that decides it wants to freeze or have a technical hiccup when we're moments away from recording semi-important audio. It's almost predictable. Thankfully, problems like this in radio can usually go unnoticed over the air.


Yup, and how memorable the moment is for a viewer usually depends on how the anchor reacts. In this case, the moment involves a polished Rockford meteorologist. (A meteorologist with fabulous hair, by the way.)

The problem involves one of the most important pieces of equipment a television meteorologist is going to use, the green screen. The technical name is chroma key screen, which makes it possible to see all the weather graphics and forecast information on your screen. For the person on the other side of the camera, the background is usually a green color. Computer magic makes it possible for their weather forecast to look spectacular on tv.

This is exactly what happened during the 5 pm news cast on WREX-TV.


I'm not sure exactly, but I do know there was a computer problem involving WREX's weather graphics and it happened during their evening news.

In the clip below we learn a few things.

  1. Being the professional that he is, WREX Chief Meteorologist Alex Kirchner had to call an audible and had three minutes to come up with an alternative.
  2. His drawing skills aren't that bad.

Watch the 3-minute segment.

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