By now you probably know that the Rockford Park District is strongly considering closing Sinnissippi Golf Course permanently to help make up for the $1.2 million dollar budget deficit they are facing in 2020.

Temporary closures of some Park District facilities are some of the other tough options the Park District is considering, and I think we can all agree that something has to be done to get things back on track. This doesn't mean we need to like it, though.

Apparently, one Rockford man agrees and feels it's imperative that the community's voices are heard before it's too late.

Matthew Gibbons has started a GoFundMe in an attempt to save Sinnissippi Golf Course from closing. Gibbons' goal is not to raise enough money to purchase it or take over the operations of it from the Rockford Park District, he just wants to purchase signage.

According to the GoFundMe;

We are raising funds to purchase yard signs to show the Park District that the citizens of this city want this course to stay open.  This fundraiser will strictly be for fees to purchase yard signs!

The goal of the campaign is raise a total of $1,500 to purchase signage that looks like this...


As I sit here writing this, the campaign has raised $160 in just two days. If you would like to Gibbons' cause, please click here now to make a donation.

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