Check out what stupid thing this Rockford man did on a squad car that got him arrested.

WIFR reports that 36 year old Thaddious Winfield was taken into custody after allegedly was seen standing on a squad car.

On December 23rd, "Winfield was seen walking out of the employee parking area at the District 1 Station with another person, [and] police say Winfield was seen standing on the trunk of a marked squad car in the parking lot."

He was arrested on January 4th and "charged with one count of criminal trespass".

WOW! Really?

What on earth would possess someone, especially at that age, to climb onto a squad car in the police station parking lot.

Why would you think that was a good idea?

Honestly, I'm shaking my head at this and well kind of chuckling too.

You know that saying "Don't be that guy?" In this case, really don't be this guy.



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