After seeing a "help wanted" sign, a man was told "no" after asking for an application and the reason why should disgust you.

In a Facebook post shared on Friday, a young man shared pictures of a restaurant inside Cherryvale Mall that allegedly rejected him in a demeaning manner. If it weren't bad enough, the incident happened while he was buying a beverage. Yes, he was a paying customer. It all began with a "help wanted" sign.

(Note: I'm leaving the young man's name private because it's 2018 and I feel like I should.)

In his Facebook post, the young black man said he had been having lunch at the mall with classmates when he decided to buy a drink at the restaurant’s counter. When he approached the counter he noticed a "help wanted" sign and asked if he could get an application. Surprisingly, according to the person on the other side of the counter, the restaurant was suddenly no longer hiring... at least for the moment... while he was buying something. He claims the person on the other side of the counter responded with the following,

I mean we’re hiring but we’re not. I don’t like hiring your kind because you guys don’t listen.

If this incident did indeed occur you can imagine how shocked the young man must have been. In the post, he said, "I will never spend another penny at this restaurant again!" I'm trying to play devil's advocate in my head but I can't. In most cases, there are two sides to every story but in this instance, there will need to be an incredible explanation by the employer, which very well could be the owner. If this happened there is no acceptable explanation. The comment could easily have "race" written all over it because every restaurant I have ever been to as young people as employees.

Rockford Man Claims He Was Discriminated Against At The Mall

If the employee or restaurant would like to respond to this allegation, I invite them to email me.

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