Thank goodness, for this Rockford football team of 10-year-olds, their homecoming game didn't go as badly as their introduction onto the field.

Big Game Day

Life has its ups and downs, so the most important thing to always remember (as I'm now hearing my 3rd-grade teacher's voice), is that when you're DOWN it won't be long before you're UP again.

This is the critical lesson these 10-year-olds have been learning all season, but never did they think that a game could start like this.

Rockford Pop Warner Football

On Sunday, October 2, the Rockford 10U Jr Titans were ready to do battle with the Aurora Gators. This was not an ordinary game day. The sidelines were filled with more fans and family. Little gift bags were filled for each player, special signs were made featuring a photo of each player, too. Even the weather was perfect, sunshine and 70 degrees.

One more special part of the homecoming game was the big musical introduction, with special effects, a balloon archway, and a velcro banner for the players to bust through as they ran onto the field. Right HERE is when the hilarious fail took place.

When the first player hit the 2-piece banner, the velcro didn't separate, and it threw that first player to the ground. You can just about imagine what happened next. Who knew that velcro was this strong?!?

Watch the hilarious fail in the Instagram video below.

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No Jr Titans were injured in this video, which is kind of surprising given that the first player through the banner got trampled over.

My stepson is on this team and working on his team's Homecoming game introduction with his dad was a highlight of my day, including the Jr Titans' win over the Aurora Bears 41-7.

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