I saw something on Reddit that I'm struggling to take seriously. A 2017 Boylan graduate has "announced" he will be running for mayor of Rockford in 2021. I'm all for big dreams and setting the bar high but come on.

Boylan alumni, Nic Kortemeier's "personal" Twitter account has some interesting content. By "interesting" I mean inappropriate and offensive tweets, but who am I to judge. Before I share a few with you, here's the Republican candidates' official announcement on Facebook.

Doesn't seem terrible for a young adult with no political experience in the adult world. But, just a few highlights of his Twitter account might question the qualifications as a leader of Rockford. Keep in mind, these are relatively recent tweets.

Mayor McNamara hasn't even been in office for a calendar year so what is this based on? However, that status isn't so bad, but keep reading.

He's joking, right? Check out the tweets before and you might think he's serious.

Twitter/Nic Kortemeier

That is an actual screen-capped tweet that is censored but, I assure you, there's an f-bomb in there.

Twitter/Nic Kortemeier

I wonder how that would fly with the women living in Rockford?

Yes, he has an Instagram account (as stated above) but that account is private and has only a few posts. Korteimer does have an active public Instagram lacking controversial and/or offensive material.

We will have to wait to witness the fruition of this young man's hopes of overseeing Rockford's future.

[H/T Reddit]

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