Have you seen this temporary roundabout that was placed at the intersection of Brendenwood and Chelsea Road in Rockford?

Is This New Rockford Traffic Circle a Temporary Roundabout?

No? Well, it was placed there to evaluate the impact it would have on the fast-moving traffic that neighbors in the area are concerned about in the Brendenwood/Chelsea area according to Rockford's Mayor McNamara (after he heard us talking smack about the weird traffic circle, and called to set us straight) ...



What he didn't tell us during that phone call was that the temporary roundabout was just the first option the City will be trying to calm traffic in the Brendenwood/Chelsea area. The second option will be in place later this week.

According to mystateline.com;

A temporary roundabout at a Rockford intersection will be traded for 'bump outs' next week at the intersection of Chelsea Ave and Brendenwood Road.

Bump-outs extend the existing sidewalks to reduce the distance pedestrians need to cross a street.

There is one final option the City will be trying after these bump-outs have been evaluated, and that is a "median island".

I don't know about you, but my money is on the bump-outs becoming permanent. Only time will tell I guess.

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