During the St. Patrick's Day holiday, there were no DUI arrests made in Rockford.

I never like to see someone get in trouble. Especially, doing something to get themselves arrested. One bad decision can ruin a person's life forever. Even more so, if it is an incident that could easily be avoided.

A perfect example is a DUI. There is really no reason to get one. Nowadays, with smartphones and rideshare companies like Uber. Plus, it has been pounded hard enough in our head that everyone should just know better than ever trying with so many other options.

This is very good news. Hopefully, this is not the last time. It would be great if the trend continued.

According to wifr.com,

"The Rockford Police Department joined forces with highway safety partners and both state and local law enforcement in the St. Patrick’s Day enforcement campaign. The Rockford Police Department said there were no citations for drunk driving or seat belt violations from their St. Patrick’s Day enforcement results. There were 62 citations during the St. Patrick’s Day enforcement period that included distracted driving, speeding, and more, according to the Rockford Police Department."

How cool is that? It has to be for the first time ever. St. Patrick's Day is a big drinking and partying holiday, so I am very impressed by the outcome.

I believe there are a few reasons for this happening.

  • COVID - People were not out like usual because of restrictions
  • Enforcement - Drivers know there are special patrols on the streets out there to bust people.
  • Learning - Partygoers have realized it is not worth the trouble so just do not do it.

Regardless of the actual reasons, the end result was great news.

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