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So let's review this whole gas thing during the last 365 days...Gas prices were super low and I could fill up my car for $18.00...then gas prices went up and up again and up again...someone held a pipeline for ransom....gas was hard to get in the south and people started putting it in bags, and hats, and goldfish bowls, and then hotels and cars exploded. That's pretty much how things went.

Gas prices have been getting too high lately, averaging $3.12 across Rockford. According to WREX the pipeline is back up and working, and without a matter of time not only will the prices stop going up, they will actually start going down.

"With the pipeline now back in service, I expect prices to come down in the hardest hit states, specifically the Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida and Virginia. The drops should lead the national average to soon fall back under the $3 per gallon mark." - Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy

All of this won't happen until around Memorial Day. You know and I know the gas prices are always pretty high for the holiday weekend, but things should mellow out around then. Costco in Loves Park had gas at $2.84 on Monday morning, but the average for Rockford is still around $3.12.

Amazing that now that we have received the go ahead from "science" to do things and go places, gas prices are as high as they have been in months and months.

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