Good things do happen in Rockford, and one grandmother is proving it by publicly thanking a "good Samaritan" who recently payed for her granddaughter's jellybeans at Gray's in Rockford's Highcrest Centre. 

Buying jellybeans for a child may seem like something so small and simple to do, but in this case, it has made quite a difference for one Rockford family.

Evelyn Fleming recently sent a letter to the Rockford Register Star publicly thanking a lady who recently payed for her granddaughter's bag of jellybeans when the $5 she brought into the store with her didn't cover the entire cost. In her letter she wrote;

There are some truly caring, kind and thoughtful people in our world. They should know how much they mean to others and be recognized for what they do in this world. May God bless her and know that people do appreciate her kindness. That was a great lesson for our granddaughter. We still talk with her about what the lady did.


You can read Fleming's entire letter here, but to this good Samaritan, I say thank you as well. This kind gesture may not have happened to my family, but I am thankful to hear about kindnesses such as these happening in Rockford. Thank you for making me smile today, and for providing a shining example of goodness for a child. Hopefully she will remember this always and continue to pay if forward.


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