Packers QB Aaron Rodgers' facial expression would describe several posts from some of Rockford's Packer fans' reaction on Facebook. Here are some of the best.

Maria wasn't alone - Packers fans around the country shared that feeling by half time, if not earlier.


Anyone else think Kristyna is a Bears fan? Either way, hbd.


Well, Richard, you were half correct - they didn't show up and didn't win.


The struggle was real, indeed.


Everyone has that one friend that nonchalantly adds a little salt to the wound.


Then there's that friend that goes for the low-blow.


And, finally, the !00% realistic friend that says how it is.


Green Bay Packer fans had some great meltdowns on Facebook and Twitter since their lose, unfortunately the NSFW language puts a damper on sharing them in this article. Oh well, better luck next year.

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