How trends happen on the internet sometimes have no rhyme or reason.

For one Rockford DJ nothing is truer. A video she made a couple years ago went viral for an unexplained reason.

That DJ was me.

A couple of years ago I made this "How To" video to find out if I could escape from duct taped wrists.


This week our Digital Manager, Tony, came to me and told me that my video had over 10,000 views in the last 4 days, after sitting around 3,000 since I made it two years ago.

Tony said the breakdown of where my video was viewed the highest was in England and here in the U.S.

So why the sudden upward spike in views?

Apparently, my video was featured in an article by Fabbiosa

It makes me wonder why has this subject has created an internet buzz?

Why are duct taped hands a subject people in England want to know about?

I'm curious if there's been an uptick in sales on duct tape purchases?

I want to know but then again, I'm afraid to know what the answers are. It might be too creepy for me.

Also, in the article, it mentioned that I'm a 'tender' woman: "This tender woman demonstrates in practice how this should be done."

Ok, what the heck does that mean? "Tender"? Is this a compliment?

It kind of makes me feel weird. It makes me feel like a piece of meat or a tasty morsel. Ewww.... I think I just grossed myself out with that.

However, if it is a compliment I'd rather be known as a "tender woman" than a "Tinder Woman". Hahaha!





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