To combat the problem of rodents a Chicago alderman proposed a solution to the city's rat problem.

It's a measure that has me questioning "Are they serious?"


Orkin Pest Control recently released a study that stated that the Windy City is the "rattiest" city in the U.S.

To clean up the city, at least in one of the wards, Alderman Michele Smith solution is to basically pave over them.

Yes you read that right, pouring concrete over the rat holes.

DNAInfo Chicago reports that Alderman Smith stated that worst area for the rat problem is in the area of Clark Street and Belden Avenue. In particular the area in front of the 7-Eleven.

Smith said that "this particular infestation has been around for a while....We tried everything that we could think of, and the only thing left was to just eliminate that, make that into just sidewalk.....after you've tried everything, that's the best way to safeguard the public." 

The paving over of this area, creating a larger sidewalk will begin next month by the Chicago Department of Transportation.

Hmmm, I don't know about this.

Doesn't it seem sort of extreme? I'm also wondering if that will really work. I mean pouring concrete down the rat holes, I'm thinking that this will just make the rats move to a different location and make more burrows.

What do you think about this?



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