There's one city in Illinois that is more rat-infested than any other, according to the people at Orkin Pest Control.

The Rattiest City In America Is In Illinois And Now I've Thrown Up In My Mouth

Fall is the season of the rat. They're seeking food and shelter and thousands are finding it in abundance for the third consecutive year in a city everybody loves.

Orkin just named Chicago as America's rattiest city. Besides being disgusting, rats and mice cause more problems than just making your skin crawl. They also contaminate food, spread sickness and even cause an increased risk of fire in homes and business with all their wire chewing. For more on how to protect your home or business, click here.

Chicago wasn't the only nearby by city with rat issues; Milwaukee, Madison and the Champaign-Springfield-Decatur area also made the Orkins Top 50 list.

If the rat can't cook me a world-class meal, then it has to go.



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