Mice, although at times they're cute they really aren't when you find one in your home. If you've found yourself with an unwanted house guest, here's eight ways to get rid of them naturally.

If you want to protect your pets and don't want to deal with dead mice using the traditional methods of traps and poison, then you should try one of these methods.

- Peppermint Oil

- Mothballs

- Get a Cat

- Mouse deterrent Spray that has a combination of habanero peppers and hot pepper flakes.

- Dryer Sheets

- Copper Wool or wire coiled up and stuck in holes and crevices.

- Traps that you don't clean just throw away.

- Oil of Cloves

- Aluminum foil.

Or you can try this little gem I found at Big R in Rochelle.

Susan Tyler; Townsquare Media
Susan Tyler; Townsquare Media

It's called Fresh Cab. Little packet filed with natural pesticide like Balsam Fir Oil. They smell awesome, like Christmas wreaths.

A friend of mine who works on a farm told me they use these when they put away their farm equipment in the fall and it keeps the mice out. That's good enough for me.

I decided to use that, due having a cat and not wanting to have poison laying around, Plus the though of cleaning mouse traps just grosses me out. I don't want to see dead mice let alone have to touch them. Ick!






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