As a result of the national weather service issuing a Freezing Rain Advisory the city of Rockford has put into effect a freezing rain emergency

The NWS has issued a freezing Rain Advisory that will be in effect from November 21, 11:00 PM CST until November 22, 09:00 AM CST

The city has announced that the threat of freezing rain has prompted city officials to issue an emergency declaration.

What this means is that the odd/even parking rule will be enforced. Based on the calendar (Today is an odd-numbered day) , cars parked on the street must do so on the odd side of the street based on address. Cars must move to the even side on Saturday by 8am.

Mystateline reports that the city will salt arterial streets. Residential streets will not be salted unless it's deemed necessary. The freezing rain is expected to start around 11pm.