Rockford City Council Member Jonathan Logemann, also a teacher at Auburn High School, Resigned from the City Council on Monday. Usually when someone resigns from an office like this there's foul play at hand or a scandal forcing them out, But this is definitely not the case in Logemann's situation according to

Logemann is actually being deployed to Afghanistan next week as an S-4 logistics officer. He will be gone for 18 months. He said he's excited to come back to Auburn High school when its over to share his experience with others. He wnet on to say that resigning from the council was a personal choice and that people in the 2nd ward deserve to be actively represented.

Logemann recommended Tony Gasparini to take over in his place. Mayor McNamara said " Him going off to serve our country in Afghanistan is just a reflection of who he is, He's someone of high integrity. Hats off to Jonathan Logemann, he's served our city and now he's off to serve our country.

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