By now you've probably heard that budget cuts have forced the Rockford Park District to cease operation of Trolley Car 36 and the Forest City Queen for the summer of 2018. No good. The minute we heard this news, JB and I threw around some ideas of what we could do to insure that Rockford didn't lose these two beloved attractions, but hadn't put a plan into action yet. Thankfully, someone else has.

A grouped of concerned Rockford citizens has started a GoFundMe campaign to save Rockford Park District's Trolley Car 36. Their goal is to raise the $16,000 the Park District says it needs for repairs and to keep the trolley car running this summer.

If your Fridays spent at Rockford City Market just won't be the same without a ride on Trolley Car 36, please donate what you can by clicking this link and help this community keep the trolley wheels rolling. Thank you.

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