Yesterday on the Q 98.5 Facebook page, we asked what you dip your fries in. I was surprised at the number of people who put down mayo and cheese. Once I dug a little deeper, it was easy to find out why cheese was so popular. Beef-a-roo cheese fries are kind of a big deal here in Rockford. My only question is, are they really that good?

Taco Bell's Nacho Fries Premiere
Getty Images for Taco Bell

Yes, I know that picture is not at Beef-a-roo's, but I figured it could set the mood for us. I personally enjoy smothering my fries in ranch, but I can't argue against cheese. Cheese is amazing. Fries are amazing. Together they're awesome sauce. When asking around the building about the fries I couldn't even finish my sentence before coworkers started yelling, "BEEF-A-ROO!"

Obviously, I need to try them. Being a guy that loves to eat, I am totally game. With all the feedback about how awesome they are I am so worried about being disappointed. Walking in my mindset will be that the fries are the biggest thing since sliced bread. Anything short of that will be a downer. Cheese fries are becoming popular nationally too. Wendy's sells the Baconator Fries and Taco Bell just launched their Nacho Fries.

Rockford is apparently a trendsetter.

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