The saying put the pedal to the metal was taken a little too literally.

Last week at the BMO Harris Bank on Alpine and Newberg someone got a little too excited to go spend some holiday cash. A dash cam shows a vehicle leaving the bank drive-up service hitting the curb (let's be honest we all have hit one of those curbs) but what happens next is a scene out of fast & the furious. See the video on the Rockford Scanner facebook page below. The video does have some language so you may want to keep it muted if you are around children.

The cash this person just took out must have been burning a hole in their pocket. What surprises me the most is at the 28-second mark the SUV almost clears the car over the hill, and If you slow down the video it looks as if the driver didn't even close their door before speeding away. I really hope everyone was okay during this incident.

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