After 56 years in business, an established Rockford car dealership has announced it will be closing down at the end of the year.According to WIFR-TV, Gary Carlson Motors, at 1621 Rural Street, has announced that their day of business will be on December 31st, and the business will be sold.

Gary has been working at a car dealership at the same location since 1961 when he was twelve years old in 1961. Carlson said that over the years he has retained many of the same clients or the family members of the same clients he dealt with since the 1960’s.

Thankfully I was trained in this business by a very unique used car man. Alan Campbell my former boss and mentor taught me that only my reputation separated me from all the other people selling cars. He said “Always be honest and fair. Keep your reputation sterling and you will never need to spend large amounts of money on expensive advertising because your customers will sell the cars for you”

Carlson says he has sold more than 7,000 vehicles at the dealership over the years.

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