I thought you could only vape where smokers can smoke, but apparently that isn't the case. However, some establishments are instituting that rule.

Rockford-area bowling centers are putting an X on vaping inside their facilities. Cherry Bowl, Don Carter Lanes, Forest Hills Lanes, Park Lanes, and Viking Lanes will no longer allow vape use indoors. The move has received both praise and criticism on Don Carter Lanes' Facebook.

Here's a supportive response,

Finally! I wish all places would do this! Thank you.

... and another...

I myself vape. Not everyone wants to be around it and thats understandable.

Others aren't fans...


... and this one...

There's alot worse happening at bowling alleys then a smoker.

With all the stories of people getting sick from vaping don't be surprised when more and more businesses ban vaping inside their facilities.

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