Also, be wary of someone offering you a "facemask exemption card" in exchange for a donation. Why? Because those cards are a complete scam.

Dennis Horton, Director of the Rockford Regional Office of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), joined the WROK Morning Show on Tuesday with a rundown of some of the latest ploys that scammers are using to dupe people in our area and throughout the country.

The unemployment scam involves fraudsters targeting people who are retired and not applying for unemployment at all by sending them an IDES debit card pre-loaded with actual cash. Some have been getting IDES debit cards sent to them despite not applying for benefits. If it's happened to you, you may already be the victim of identity theft. (Read more about this particular scam here.)

Dennis also filled us in on the "facemask exemption cards" that are being offered online (the problem is that such a card has no standing, legal or otherwise), and warning signs of problems with online shopping:


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