Need a sweet story to brighten your day? I think this one will do the trick...

Full disclosure, I am a bit partial to SwedishAmerican staff because my husband works in the hospital's emergency department, so when I saw this story it gave me all the warm fuzzies.

According to, Judy Johnson, the owner of Quixotic Bakery (located inside the Indoor Rockford City Market space on Madison St.), recently survived a pretty serious battle with COVID-19 that had her on a ventilator for 15 days at SwedishAmerican hospital. Johnson told WTVO;

When I first went into the ICU, I was scared and the nurse looked at me and she said she’d been through COVID, and she got through it and she was going to get me through it, too,” Johnson recalled. “And so, that just gave me a lot of confidence that I would get through it.”

Apparently telling SwedishAmerican staff "thank you" for the amazing care isn't quite enough for Judy Johnson; now she wants to sweeten the pot a bit.

Through Valentine's Day this Sunday, all Swedes employees are invited to enjoy a free scoop of ice cream at Quixotic Bakery; all you need to do is show up and show your ID badge to enjoy this heartfelt sweet treat!

FYI, Quixotic Bakery is also a great place to get a last minute Valentine's Day gift guaranteed to make your sweetheart smile. Just one look at their Facebook shows a delicious array of chocolates, cookies and mini brownie ice cream sandwiches to delight your taste buds with. Go get you some today!

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