2020 sucked, we all know this. So far 2021 isn't looking too grand either, especially for Rockford's Burpee Museum of Natural History.

After having way too many days where their doors were shuttered thanks to COVID, the Burpee Museum was getting ready to celebrate their reopening on February 8th ...then a pipe burst and ruined everything. Well, technically not everything, but it did cause A LOT of damage according to mystateline.com;

Up to a foot and a half of water flooded the lobby, gift shop, visitor services center and several museum collections after frigid temperatures caused a pipe to burst.

When I first read that I was thinking; you have got to be kidding me! How much more bad news can we be forced to take? Don't worry though, Burpee is working through it, and they would also like to thank several members of the community for helping them save many of their beloved exhibits.

Burpee Museum said this recently on Facebook;

 Burpee is so THANKFUL for the quick thinking and swift action of the

City of Rockford Firefighters Local 413


Rockford Fire Department

, and the Burpee staff, which managed to save SO MUCH from detrimental damage. Our Burpee Team on-site, Anne, Josh, Rhonda, Maria, Alex, Julie, Marcia, Jannine, and Matt, were all full speed ahead moving items, saving collections, exhibits, our gift shop, educational materials, and more. They were SOAKED to the bone from walking through the water without hesitation.

Despite the hard work of so many, Burpee Museum still has a lot of clean up to do. They are hoping to reopen to the public on February 26th. If you have already purchased tickets for a day when they will be closed for cleanup, you will be contacted about rescheduling.

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