Avid gamers all over the Stateline are rejoicing because soon they will be able to attend a gaming convention that doesn't require a road trip to get to.

Mystateline.com reports that The Gaming Outsider is bringing the Rock River Valley Video Game Convention to Machesney Park this September and that the event is "intended to be a celebration of video games for avid games to come together with like-minded individuals to share in their love for the hobby".

The convention called R2V2 will take place Saturday, September 21, 2019 at Cataclysm Games and Collectibles on Burden Road in Machesney Park and will feature vendors selling games for all consoles at reasonable prices, appearances from video game celebrities, virtual reality play and much more.

Advanced tickets are on sale now for a discounted price, get them and more information about R2V2 right now at thegamingoutsider.com/r2v2.

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