At this time last year, many Rockford-area parents were facing the tough decision of whether we would choose in-person or remote-learning for our kids during the 2020/2021 school year. Our decision for the upcoming school year may not be as difficult, since all students will be returning to the classroom, but I think parents will still face one difficult challenge; will we send our students to class with face masks, or not?

At this very moment, Rockford-area schools are preparing for another school year full of social distancing and face masks, but that could quickly change.

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky is quoted in a WREX article saying; "she believes the guidance to wear masks in schools will be lifted before classes resume in the fall."

Why does she think that? It all comes down to COVID-19 vaccination and infection rates. The CDC is monitoring those numbers very carefully, and will hopefully make a determination for COVID regulations in schools sometimes soon.

Here's what I think will happen; I think mask restrictions will be relaxed for middle and high school students for sure, but ultimately I think it will be up to parents to make the official call. For the record, I say that strictly from my gut feeling, not because I read something official saying that.

I think we will see major improvements in COVID numbers over the next months, but I really feel parents will have eventually have to decide if they will send their kids to school in face masks or not.

Do you think it is safe to send non-vaccinated kids under 12 to school mask-less yet? I'm truly torn.

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