I'm one of those jerky people who refuses to answer the door if a stranger comes to my house. I could be sitting by the front window in plain view of the person at the door, and I still won't answer it.

The only time I ever consider breaking my don't-answer-the-door-for-strangers rule is when there is a child on the other side of it.  I would probably be the person who falls for this door-to-door solicitation scam that Rock House Kids, a non-profit safe haven for kids in Rockford, has warned us about.

According to WREX;

Rock House Kids is issuing a warning about a scam going around the Rockford area.

The non-profit says young people have been knocking on doors asking for donations but Rock House Kids says it does not encourage anyone it serves, especially children, to knock on doors for monetary donations.

If anyone comes to your door asking for money to help Rock House Kids, call the Rockford Police Department's non-emergency line at 815-966-2900. Rock House Kids says police are aware of the situation, and I'm sure any help we can give them finding the persons responsible would be much appreciated.

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