Signs of life, post April 9th's F-4 tornado, are beginning to be show at the corner of IL-251 and IL Route 64 as the the rebuilding of the Rochelle restaurant, Grubsteakers, has begun.

WRHL reports that construction has begun on the property at the corner of IL-251 and Route 64 as Grubsteakers restaurant will soon be once again a fixture in once again in the community.

It's hard to believe it's been eight months since that fateful day that the F-4 tornado took its destructive path through Rochelle to Fairdale, catching the family restaurant in the middle with 13 people hidden in the restaurants crawl space.

"Grubsteakers Restaurant owner Ava Mirtoska said that the building will be moved a little from the former location once construction began. Her plans are to reopen in early 2016."

It'll be nice to see something back at the corner as now it still shows the scars of that scary day.

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