This weekend during all your fun, food and family time take time to stop and remember our soldiers.

They are the ones we are to celebrate for granting us freedom to do all the things we have planned for this weekend and in how we live everyday.If you've never been to Arlington National Cemetery, just outside of Washington D.C., I encourage you to make plans to visit there. Once you do you'll never be the same.

The awe of being there among the rows and rows of headstones will draw out emotions you didn't even know you could feel. Just typing this gives me goosebumps and a lump wells up in my throat. I was there when I was just 12 years old and that memory still lives with me today.

I remember thinking of how grateful I was for each and everyone of those headstones in the ground. I felt great sadness at the loss of life yet a feeling of pride swelled up inside me. These men and women took a huge step and said I will go. I will fight. Freedom is at steak. No one will take this from us. We will fight to death to keep it, to defend it and to protect it.

All I can say with a lump in my throat, tears in my eyes and sense a pride welling up from with in is THANK YOU! Thank you for serving.  Thank you for stepping up. Thank you for laying down your life so that I can live in freedom.

That's why this weekend is so important. We need not forget what's it's all about.

As my family will place a flag on my Grandpa's grave this weekend (he served in WWII). I will stop to not only remember him but also for all those proud Americans who served and died for our freedoms.

Stop by the Field of Honor in Loves Park this weekend to view the flags in honor of our soldiers and if you feel moved to do so drop a donation in their box.

All of the money's collected will go toward the future of free flags to be placed on veterans graves. Visit for more details about the Field of Honor and the flags.

God Bless America!



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