In true northern-Midwest fashion, the weather forecast for the Rockford area is as up-and-down as your favorite roller coast at Six Flags Great America.

If we were to reminisce about past Memorial Day Weekends in the northern Illinois/southern Wisconsin area we would agree there's always at least one day of rain. If you're a longtime resident of the area, you would agree it rained every year for at least one day of the defunct Young At Heart Festival.

The weather this week is especially back-and-forth between early Spring and mid-Summer.

As you will read in Apple's weather app, the weather is an indecsivice as a child telling your about their action packed vacation. It's all over the place.

Sunscreen or an Umbrella?

Both, and maybe a hoodie.

The early week is expected to bring a slight chance of rain, followed by sunshine with sprinkles of clouds. The latter happening on Wednesday.

Thursday takes an abrupt turn that will lead to late fall-like temperatures. Friday is forecasted to be the coldest day of the week, hitting mid-50's during the day and dropping to mid-40's overnight. This may not be the way many of us would prefer to start our 4-day weekend but is perfect weather for a bonfire and a hoodie.

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Things should warm up through the weekend and lead to a decent Memorial Day for grilling out, catching Pecatonica's parade, and a great day for honoring the men and women who died while serving in the military for the United Sates.

Weather App, Apple
Weather App, Apple

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