A group of Rockfordians is considering creating a 100% Rockford-owned grocery store in the Forest City. Screw City Co-Op says they will focus heavily on supporting local farms by selling area-made products. According to WIFR,

The group wants to support local farmers and grow our local economy by selling goods made right here in the stateline.

In order for a legit Rockford owned/operated grocery store to get full support from the community, it must attract the average Rockford family. The market must be competitively priced, there are no other options. Simply being "local" is not enough, not for the average Rockford grocery buyer.

Screw City Foods (not the official name) doesn't need to beat the prices at other Rockford grocery stores but does need to be competitive. If that doesn't happen many residents will continue shopping where they get the best bang for there buck. It's just how it works for families with a budget. If it's going to be a Rockford grocery store it needs to cater to average Rockfordians, plain and simple.

This, of course, is if the store comes to fruition and gets a few more interested owners. If you're interested in becoming a possible owner of Screw City Co-op click here.


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