Tufts lost the lap he loved to cuddle in, and now he is desperately looking for a new one.

If you want a cat who loves to cuddle, but is also very chill and likes to do his own thing sometimes, Tufts is your guy. Seriously.



At the end of that video you heard Donna say that the shelter is overloaded with lovable cats needing homes right now. She later told us part of the reason for the influx of cats and kittens is because good Samaritans are feeding strays instead of bringing them in to be spayed and neutered. Seems like the nice thing to do, right? Truth is, it's really not. Feeding strays allows them to stay just healthy enough to be able to reproduce. This means a bigger population of cats without homes, and that is not good. Animals deserve homes and families to love them. Please think about that next time your heart yearns to feed your neighborhood's stray animals...




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