Maple is the perfect name name for today's pet of the week, because maple syrup is sweet, and so is this adorable cat!

Maple is a 2 year old short-haired brown tiger female, who absolutely loves attention. She is curious, sweet, and loves to soak up every bit of attention she is given. She will nuzzle up against your legs, chest, face, whatever she comes in contact to cuddle with! In fact, I had a difficult time getting a good picture of her, because she was just soo busy soaking up the love from Steve Summers. See...


Maple sure would love to cuddle with you forever. She's good with other cats and kids, and will be the perfect snuggler to keep you warm on these cold winter nights. Adopt Maple today for $40 at Winnebago County Animal Services, or call 815-319-4100 for more information on animal adoption.

Good luck, Maple!