I can say that my job is nothing compared to the men and women who protect us here in Rockford. 

Over the weekend at Country Thunder, I was approached by an officer who listens to our station. She said that we should give a shout out to all the men and women of the Rockford Police Department.

So, when Office Delarosa came into the office today, I wanted to say thank you to him and the rest of the staff downtown. He was given cookies by Mary's Market and a note appreciating all they do for the community. Things around the country have been tense and the officers have been great with dealing with protests and getting out into the community and talking to everyone.

This is just our way of saying thank you to not only the Rockford Police Department, but any law enforcement, fire fighters, or any other civil service position that requires their life to be put on the line. We appreciate all of your hard work.