Royal lovers get ready, there's a Princess Diana Exhibit taking over Illinois this year and you can get your tickets, now. 

There are some parts of history you might find boring, and there are other parts of history that are simply fascinating.

For a large number of Americans, the royal family in England is pretty fascinating.

Comedians would say the closet thing we have to a royal family is the Kardashians. Maybe Beyonce and Jay-Z? But we don't have anything close to the actual royals, with a Queen that's reigned far longer than anyone ever expected.

One of the most fascinating stories from the royal family will always be Princess Diana.

Even as a little girl, I knew her story... that she was a young princess who everyone loves, who married a prince that... well... everyone did not love.

Thirty years later I know a lot more about Diana thanks to movies, TV, magazines and books and now we have the chance to explore her world at the Princess Diana Exhibit in Oakbrook. 

The Exhibition is considered 'the world's first-ever walk-through documentary experience.'

We're talking sculptures, images and stories told by her friend and photographer, Anwar Hussein. 

You can book your time slot for the exhibit Wednesday thru Sundays starts at 11 am, starting at $25.

The timeslots are currently available thru the end of February, but you never know if they might extend the exhibit, which is at 19 Oakbrook Center.

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