In case you haven't opened up your email today, be prepared to get one from Netflix telling you that your subscription fee is about to go up.

Yuck. Am I right?

Sure it's only one dollar a month, but isn't it kind of crazy to think that a company like Netflix can up their prices by one dollar per subscriber and make a few extra million dollars a month without much effort?

Not that it's going to make me ditch my subscription or anything... but still, kinda makes me bummed out.

Netflix sent out an email this week explaining why the price is going up, which is basically just about creating more entertainment.


So my subscription, which is two screens without commercials will now be $13.99, well after Thursday, October 28 it'll be $13.99.

I guess they're giving users the chance to change their subscription before next month if they really are against the extra dollar.

But let's get real here... what if everything on earth all of the sudden started costing one dollar more. That would sure add up!

Right now I only pay for Netflix and Hulu so it's not the end of the world that I have to pay one hundred cents more each month, but I am kind of a frugal person. I do open these emails and think about if the price rise impacts my want to actually keep paying for Netflix.

I think this time, I'll keep it, but we'll see!

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