Illinois resident Shane Bouvet is one happy man, he just got a check for $10,000 from the President of the United States.

On Thursday, January 19th, 24-year old Shane Bouvet, was in Washington DC for President Trump's inauguration and had the good fortune to meet Donald Trump on the night before the inauguration. Bouvet lives in Stonington, IL. and works for FedEx as a delivery driver.

Fox32 in Chicago reports that Bouvet is also single father who had been struggling between working nights and volunteering for the Trump campaign during the day.

At their meeting on January 19th, Mr. Trump took notice of Bouvet's situation and promised him send him $10,000. Wow!


Did Donald trump keep his promise? Yes!  The check arrived yesterday.

A note from Donald trump, on official presidential stationary was sent, it said "Shane – you are a great guy – thanks for all of your help."

So, what is Bouvet going to do with the money? He going to spend it on his dad who is suffering from bladder cancer.

Fox32 reports that Bouvet intendeds to use the money toward chemotherapy for his father.


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