Another day another email warning, this time from a phony FedEx.

If you frequently have packages delivered you may be quick to trust this email is authentic. If you receive an email like this and think it could be real do not click any of the links in the message. The email I'm referring to might resemble the screenshot below.

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This email looks legit, to the point of detailed tracking information along with a 'Please do not respond to this email. This email was sent from an unattended mailbox." message.

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FedEx actually has a dedicated section of fraudulent email examples on their website. Most of the examples involve an email attachment however, the email I received only had links with no attachment. This could make the message appears as authentic however I was reluctant to click any of the links the email contained. I'm glad I went with my gut. I learned I had no packages arriving this week after I checked my actual FedEx account.

FedEx has a great tool called FedEx Delivery Manager that anyone can sign up for and similar to USPS's Informed Delivery. With FedEx you can receive alerts whenever a package is sent to you, set up delivery instructions, sign for delivery ahead of time, and more. You can find all these free options here. You could also use FedEx's app if you really want to be on top of this. And, since we're talking about apps, why not download our app? You'll be glad you did.

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