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Financial scam

One persons living hell is another persons way to make a quick buck. The derecho that hit the Quad Cities, most of Iowa and Illinois on Monday will make some scammers come out and play. Unfortunately we will have people that will come to hard hit areas like the Quad Cities and attempt to scam you, your friends and your family. How can you avoid this scam? Let us help you!

The city of Davenport announced their plans to cleanup debris on Tuesday from the derecho that slammed the Quad Cities. In their announcement, they made a great point to tell residents to avoid fake contractors. In their press release, city officials said,

"Beware of predatory contractors, including roving, out of town individuals going door to door to solicit services."

Davenport city officials also said that you should take the time to check references of contractors. You should also vet any contractor you use. City officials recommend that you ask for proof of the contractor’s licensing and insurance. Residents can call (563) 326-7745 to verify building licenses, and (563) 326-7715 to verify business license for tree care companies.

You can also vet contractors by using the Better Business Bureau. On their website, you can search contractors by category, name, and location. You can visit their website here.

If anyone during this time shows up to your door trying to solicit their service to you without you calling, do not give them money. Contact the police department and report the suspicious activity. We know it's a frustrating time but be patient and don't lose out money because you are frustrated and want stuff to be done as soon as possible.

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