Imagine heading to Wisconsin on I-90 and breezing through the South Beloit Toll plaza and not having to fork over the 95 cents (or $1.95 if paying by cash) charge on your iPass.

You gotta give this guy credit for ingenuity, even though it is illegal. Sure, throughout the years, people have tried to scam their way out of paying tolls. In Illinois, we all recall the hoopla back in the 1980's when it was discovered NECCO wafers worked in toll plazas. Though, I never tried it, it was rumored that NECCO wafers passed as quarters. They have all been tried before:

  • NECCO wafers
  • Metal washers
  • Chuck E Cheese tokens

NBCMiami is reporting that a man has come up with an ingenious way  to avoid paying tolls, but he is now in trouble for it. Authorities say 27-year old Joshua Concepcion West of Florida, is being charged with theft, fraud and cheating for a device he came up with to cover his license place on demand.

When approaching a toll booth, with the press of a simple button, a temporary sheet would cover the places on West's vehicle. Press a button, it's covered, press it again it disappears. Brilliant, but illegal.


Don't try this in Illinois, as such a device is illegal here, too.

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