You've probably been driving these speed limits anyway, but at least now it'll be legal.

My relationship with I-90 is a big one. We've spent a lot of time together in the last five years and those first few years were rough.

When I-90 was under construction the speed limit was insanely low. For good reason if there were people ever actually working on the roads when I was driving.

But I survived.

Now though, things are bright and shiny on I-90, and things are getting even shinier according to WGN-TV who announced this morning that the Illinois Tollway is raising speed limits on I-90.


While the Rockford portion of I-90 made the switch to 70mph sometime last year, that speed limit will now continue though Mt. Prospect Road, 70mph for cars, 65 mph for buses, 60 mph for trucks.

And then from Mt. Prospect Road to the Kennedy, we'll be looking at 60 mph for everyone.

This is a huge change for the posted signs, though I bet you were driving this fast on your way to work this morning anyway.

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