Chicago has the best pizza in the country, just ask any Chicagoan, so it makes sense that it would be the site for a pizza museum. 

The U.S. Pizza Museum (it's an actual thing) hosts pop up museums around the country and for the next two months you can catch it at the Niles Public Library.

The exhibit will explore the history of Chicago pizza and beyond.

According to the curator Kendall Bruns who 'Loves pizza" the exhibit:

..goes over the history of pizza in Chicago specifically, but also a little bit of context at how that fits in with pizza in America.

Some of the events scheduled for the exhibit include:

  • Pizza Box Art Contest - Feb 2 thru Feb 28
  • History of Pizza - Feb 9  7-8:15
  • Pizza Dough Making - Feb 18  11-noon
  • Bedtime Pizza Math - Feb 22  7-7:45
  • Pizza Snack Food Taste-off - March 4  noon-4
  • Explore Southern Italy - March 6  7-8:30
  • Pizza Pi Day - March 14  4-4:45
  • Senior Coffee Hour - March 22  10:30-11:30

If you love pizza you can't go wrong here. Just don't get into any fights with tourists from New York.

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