Rockford Police are still on the hunt for a group of teenage criminals, some as young as 12 and 13 years old, who are suspected in a series of violent crimes including robberies and carjackings most of which are targeting women. Here's information to keep you and your family safe.

As a parent, the reality that young children are capable of such violent crimes, sickens and angers me to the core.  Where in the hell are these parents?!?

According to the Rockford Register Star, Chief Chet Epperson said that police are going to take a hard look at the parents and guardians of these teenagers committing crimes long after curfew, and that these parents could be charged with parental neglect or contributing to the delinquency of a minor. (Amen to that!) Epperson said:

"I can't have youngsters not being under control by a guardian or adult and out doing criminal acts. If it takes an arrest to get alignment with the community, that's what we'll do. It's one of the last things we want, but we need parental responsibility."

To stay safe from carjackers, police recommend to never leave your car running, and if you're shopping late at night make sure to go in pairs and park close to the door.

If you have any information about the suspects please call the Rockford Police at 815-987-5824 or Crime Stoppers at 815-963-7867, and please, for God's sake, pay attention to your kids!