Soon Winnebago County residents and shoppers may not be given the choice between paper and plastic. One alderman is hoping to follow similar bans like one in Cook County except theirs is a little steeper with a bag tax. According to, the idea was brought up last week.

There is a bill has been sent to Springfield for a state-wide ban, but it hasn't been reviewed by Governor Rauner.

The bill states “no retail establishment in the State shall use or provide polyethylene or other noncompostable plastic film bags tinted green or brown for customers to bag products in stores, as carry out bags, or for home delivery.”

The idea was brought up because of the pollution and overall eyesore of plastic grocery bags spread throughout the area. County board member Burt Gerl said the plan would not include garbage bags, which makes me wonder which stores are using garbage bags at the checkouts. Furthermore,

...retailers in Winnebago County should be prohibited from issuing plastic shopping bags, most of which he said are not biodegradable.

There's been no word on if this would be an actual ordinance but something tells me this will be revisited sooner than later.

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