A forensic artist with the Philadelphia Police Department named Jonny Castro uses his talents to honor fallen officers, and recently he painted an amazing portrait of Rockford Police Officer Jaimie Cox.

Castro never met Officer Cox, but he recently told Ten Two News why he felt creating a portrait in his honor was so important;

Jaimie’s story was the definition of ‘never give up.’ Even though he was in a fight for his life, and he found himself in a tough spot, Jaimie still was able to neutralize the attacker,” Castro explained. “He died defending himself and the citizens of Rockford.”

In 2017 Castro painted portraits for 76 of the 128 line of duty deaths. Before becoming a forensic artist, Castro spent several years on the streets working for the Philadelphia Police Department and told Ten Two News;

I’ve been in a lot of the situations these officers found themselves in. It’s a scary feeling,” Castro said. “Most of them were killed going above and beyond their job as an officer, so painting their final portrait is the least I can do to honor them for their families and departments.”

This is the portrait he created for Officer Cox, and it's absolutely stunning.

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